Transitioning Thoroughbreds Foundation is a Not-for-profit organisation. Our mission is to harmoniously transition retired race-horses into their next chapter, by way of providing professional re-training and rehabilitation. We herald the thoroughbred’s versatility and aptitude to excel across many disciplines and provide therapeutic support. Our commitment is to realise the true potential of each graduate and perfectly align this with their adopters; leading to a long-lasting home, traced for life.


Thoroughbreds are bred for racing, and like any professional athlete there is a limited career length. A thoroughbred’s life expectancy can exceed 30 years, however they often retire from racing before the age of 10. At Transitioning Thoroughbreds Foundation we are committed to making sure the years following their retirement from racing, are lived with purpose.


Our expert trainers work diligently with our retired racehorses to find their new career. There are numerous pathways available for our horses so through our 12 Week Graduate Program we discover what they are best suited for and then find them the perfect new owner match.


Rehoming is the most important aspect of our organisation and one that we pride ourselves on. What sets us apart, is that not only do we follow a process to ensure the thoroughbred is perfectly matched with a new home, but we will also continue to build our relationship with them for the rest of their lives through our “Track for Life” protocol. 


My first contact with Jane was back in 2016 when we were fortunate enough to be rehomed with Rob’s Ransom who we renamed LA Confidential and he became a top show horse winning Grand National 2 years running. After talking to Jane she knew exactly what we where looking for and with her great knowledge knew that he was the right horse for us. She has now also rehomed another 2 with us which are both going to excel in the show ring. Bourbon Road has only been out a couple of times and he always comes hone with a Broad sash, he has a big future. Heat Shield is just a legend and is so quiet that he will be my daughters first Competitive show horse. Jane is so dedicated and knows how to place the horses into the right homes. We are so happy to be a part of her transitioning thoroughbreds foundation and happy that she has become a great friend.

– Leisa Koroloff


My family and I were very fortunate to become acquainted with Jane in 2017 when she entrusted us with the  beautiful Kraftwerk.  We wanted a safe special horse for our daughters to train for show jumping.  Jane listened to our requirements and offered us Kraftwerk who was only days off the track.  Jane was very honest about Kraftys history and couldn’t have picked a more suitable first off the track for us. 

Since that time, Jane has rehomed three other off the track horses with us.  What beautiful creatures, all with a quality and confidence in themselves that has lead to their success on and now off the track.  Each one has clearly been trained and handled with respect and knowledge.  Jane has given advice and been 100% transparent in all of our dealings with her.  Jane’s passion and drive for rehoming her beloved horses is inspiring.  We are very grateful to Jane and the horses she has hand picked for us.  We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Jane’s Transitioning Thoroughbreds Foundation and are honoured to be a part of it.

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