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Transitioning Thoroughbreds Foundation is a Not-for-profit organisation that was founded in 2019 by Jane Gollan as a solution to assist retired Thoroughbreds in finding their purpose after their competitive racing days are over. Jane has been involved in the horse racing industry for many years and as a result has found her passion of rehoming over 100 thoroughbreds. Transitioning Thoroughbreds Foundation allows for this process to be supported and achieved on a larger scale, meaning more of these incredible animals will live the remainder of their lives in a stable and purpose driven environment.

Our mission is to harmoniously transition retired race-horses into their next chapter, by way of providing professional re-training and rehabilitation. We herald the thoroughbred’s versatility and aptitude to excel across many disciplines and provide therapeutic support. Our commitment is to realise the true potential of each graduate and perfectly align this with their adopters; leading to a long-lasting home, traced for life.



Jane Gollan

Jane Gollan, hails from a racing and breeding family and has been passionate about the Thoroughbred race-horse her whole life. At a very young age Jane started Pony Club which then nurtured her love of Eventing and to this day continues her involvement, being a registered member of Equestrian Australia. She has owned and  competed several retired race-horses in the last few years including The Candy Man Can, Grey Assignment, Gundy Son, Susashi and Temple of Boom.


In 2017, Jane was awarded the prestigious Godolphin Welfare and Thoroughbred award, recognising her efforts in the rehoming of retired race-horses. She facilitated bringing and establishing the first ‘Triequithon’ to QLD from Melbourne which has now become a major annual event on the Racing Calendar, showcasing what the thoroughbred can achieve post racing career.


Over the last 7 years Jane has been integral to the rehoming of Retired Race-horses. She prides herself on ensuring the horses are adequately matched to their new owners, giving the animal the best opportunity to have a long and lasting home and also reach its full potential in another equestrian discipline.


In 2019 Jane founded Transitioning Thoroughbreds Foundation as a way to formalise and continue her work in re-homing racehorses.




Board Member

Beth Abbott is a Chartered Accountant and Founding Partner of KA Accountants. Beth has played a pivotal role in setting up the groundwork for Transitioning Thoroughbreds Foundation.

Beth is integrally involved in the race industry as not only a lover of horses but she, along with husband been avid race horse owners for many years, investing in the thoroughbred from its purchase from the sales as a yearling until it’s retirement.

Beth is well aware of the necessity for a managed approach to rehoming the thoroughbred.

Professionally, she enjoys the challenge of identifying and solving problems, listening to the needs of business people and creating a space where she can connect and support business owners to reach their potential.

Beth’s passion as a CPA and a business owner is to promote small businesses and encourage them to be confident with their bookkeeping and communication skills to enable their success.



Board Member

Liz Cantor first made waves in Australia as a professional surfer who competed on the Australian Junior Circuit for five years. She was also the first female Surf Judge to travel internationally on the World Surf League. Her love for surfing was only rivaled by her love for horses. Liz grew up riding and still to this day exercises racehorses off track weekly, a hobby she shares with her young family.

Liz is currently an ambassador for Suzuki and stars in their “Way of Life” TVC’s and campaigns. She’s also a spokesperson and ambassador for the Michael J Fox Foundation ‘Shake it Up’ raising funds and awareness for Parkinson’s Disease.

Liz’s passion for horses and their wellbeing, plus her involvement with the racing industry through Channel 7 has made her a natural choice for being on the board of directors for Transitioning Thoroughbreds Foundation.




TTF Trainer

Kate started competing Thoroughbreds as a teenager. She fuelled her passion for working with horses through 5 years working in the racing industry, breeding, breaking in, yearling sales and track work in Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland.

Kate has been competing Thoroughbreds at Australian championships since she was in Juniors, up until recent years at the Australian International 3day event in Adelaide. A monumental moment for Kate was when she won the 2017 Triequition and was runner up in 2018 on Global Victory.

For the past 20 years Kate has enjoyed success across a range of equestrian disciplines including Eventing Show Jumping, Showing, Stock work and Dressage. She is also an Equestrian Australia Level One Coach.



TTF Trainer

Mattea Davidson is a well renown Thoroughbred Trainer and Vet with over a decades experience. Together with her husband she founded Davidson Equestrian where they focus on producing horses from birth to top level competition.

In the competition off-season Mattea is actively engaged in being an equine reproduction veterinarian. As a qualified and experienced vet she is handling all the stud work, including scanning and insemination.

She is very particular about the welfare of all horses to ensure health and fitness levels are maintained to high standards. Mattea has an aptitude for re-training retired race horses and preparing them for their future equine careers. She has successfully retrained many thoroughbreds.

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