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The thoroughbred is an incredible breed of horse bred for racing. They are athletic, versatile and are mindful animals. From birth until the end of their race careers, their lives are meticulously managed;  from their preparation for sales as a yearling, through to their breaking in, pre-training and race preparations. So the question is posed what happens to them when they retire?

The retired thoroughbreds who are donated to us will have completed a full body assessment by our professional re-trainers. No stone will be left unturned in regards to having full knowledge of its history during its racing career.

We use this necessary physical, emotional and mental information so we can best understand each unique candidate prior to retraining.

The quality and success of their lives are dependant on our understanding, care and training of thoroughbred.

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The purpose of our 12 week program is to discover what second career the retired Thoroughbred is most suited for and in turn provide them with the appropriate skills and training to make that transition for them.


Thoroughbreds may display inherent qualities and personalities during their time as a race-horse.  However, it is not until they are removed from the racing regime and given one-on-one attention and/or presented with different stimuli that their true strength for a discipline may be realised.

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The Rehoming of the Foundation’s Graduates is the most important aspect of our organisation and one that we pride ourselves on. What sets us apart, is that not only do we follow a process to ensure the thoroughbred is perfectly matched with a new home and owner, but we will also continue to provide ongoing support for the rest of their lives through our “Track for Life” protocol. 


Our “Track for Life” protocol ensures our graduate thoroughbreds welfare is always accounted for and that they are living the purposeful life we envisaged for them.

In addition, each new owner is provided with their Graduate’s transcript. This includes all vital information relevant to their new horse; the journey of their retraining, photos of their life and support contacts. 


If you are interested in adopting one of our retrained thoroughbreds, please click the button below to view our adoption application.

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