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Articus healing hearts in his retirement!

Article Source: We take great care in rehoming our retired racehorses, and seeing them flourish in their new lives is very rewarding. Our Group 3 winning ARTICUS (Areion x Almerita) retired last year after a 55 race career and needed a new home.

Following the loss of her last horse to a rare sickness, ARTICUS is healing her heart. - Jane Gollan Transitioning Thoroughbreds

The team at Transitioning Thoroughbreds do a fantastic job in retraining horses and finding their forever home and ARTICUS was a perfect fit for their program.

“When retirees enter the foundation there is that unknown of what potential they have. Our initial physical assessment of them along with the background information provided from the trainers and riders and handlers give us a good overview of the horse at hand.” – Jane Gollan – Transitioning Thoroughbreds ARTICUS was a favourite at the Lees Racing Gold Coast stables, with his beautiful nature and love for people he was destined to bring joy to humans long after his racing career. When hearing of his retirement, Mandy Jupp from Lees Racing who knows Jane Gollan quite well recommended we give ARTICUS his new home with Transitioning Thoroughbreds.

“All retirees will start off with a relatively similar program but then have it tailored as they progress. It is the journey of watching these Thoroughbreds develop in their own unique way, accomplishing skills week by week and showing a strength towards another equine discipline that is very rewarding of the retraining process. Unveiling their untapped potential for something else other than being a racehorse really is exciting.” – Jane Gollan

ARTICUS progressed through his retraining with flying colours and has started to compete in competition. We aliken retraining Thoroughbreds to teaching children in a classroom. At first we may need to hold their hand and support them whilst we show them the ropes but when they know how to do it they WANT to do it with enthusiasm and such willingness! We want to transition the retirees into horses with a repertoire of skills to make them suitable for pleasure riding or competition. It is important we produce safe and sound riding horses for riders of a variety of levels and disciplines.

Our small team is so passionate about the foundation’s cause. We want to make a difference to each thoroughbred who comes into the foundation and help find them a new job after racing. The racehorses are used to having such managed lives and it should be our duty to see this continue giving them purpose for something else.” – Jane Gollan There is so much love for these beautiful animals and there are loads of people wanting to be involved in their lives after racing, whether it be pleasure riding, a new paddock to live out their days or competition, there are many options for our retired horses. There is such a positive impact on the adopters of the graduates. When they are matched suitably and find their soul mates in the horses, it changes their lives. We receive the feedback from them and it’s those comments that keep us going to do the best we can do for these animals.

It is a wonderful thing for racing to herald these off the track Thoroughbreds achieving in their next careers and in their suitable and loving homes.

This week ARTICUS was matched with 16YO Sienna Elliott of Rockhampton who is a serious rider who will compete in Interschool and open competitions. Following the loss of her last horse to a rare sickness, ARTICUS is healing her heart. Her mother Sue says “I have not seen Sienna as happy as this in over a year. She is absolutely smitten by him.” Parents Brad and Sue along with Sienna have now welcomed ARTICUS to their family after making an application to adopt him early in his retraining journey.” – Jane Gollan

We will keep in contact with Sienna as ARTICUS continues his new journey!

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