The purpose of the Transitioning Thoroughbred Foundation’s 12 week program is to discover what second career the retired Thoroughbred is most suited for and in turn provide them with the appropriate skills and training to make that transition for them.

Alike a retired professional footballer or war veteran, embarking on a new career when they only have known one way can be incredibly confronting. Learning new skills or being exposed to different situation may have them respond in fear, confusion or anxiety. Similarly, they may also have had a bad experience, entrenched in their mind which also leads to the emotions above. It is our job to work with the horse at its own pace, making them feel confident and accustomed to a new way of working and life.

Horses are given a minimum of 5 training sessions a week. Ranging from horsemanship and ground work, basic dressage and flat training to jump and cross country schooling.  

The process of working with retired thoroughbreds is very therapeutic and recently, significant progress has been demonstrated in Equine Therapy studies to show how it benefits individuals who are struggling with PTSD and mental health disorders. Our program is well suited to involve volunteers so we encourage those who wish to learn more about how they may be involved to contact us here.

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